What is Pilates?


 Pilates (pi-LAH-teez) exercise, performed in the U.S. since the 1920’s, is named after it’s inventor, Joseph H. Pilates.  The Pilates Method of exercise encompasses more than 500 controlled, precise movements, performed on a padded mat or with specialized equipment.


  Pilates is… the Science of Contrology (The Art of Control).  A method of mind and body conditioning achieved through conscious movement training.  “Contrology begins with mind control over muscles.”


  The Pilates Method… “develops the (whole) body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”


Pilates re-trains the body to work in your natural alignment.  It helps practitioners restore their physicality.  (Musculoskeletal System)


  Pilates emphasizes control and precise movements in order to access, build and maintain weaker muscle groups.  The movements are meant to reunite the body and work it as a whole.


  Pilates teaches focus and awareness of your whole body… to understand your imbalances and weaknesses, and then make changes to correct these imbalances.  It corrects harmful movement patterns and retrains the body to move effortlessly and naturally.


 Pilates teaches Isolation and Differentiation in movement.  When taught properly, you are asked to work and move in your natural alignment, in your body’s frame.  This allows the weaker muscle groups to awaken an then become stronger.  Less is more, in the beginning!


  Pilates equipment is meant to assist you through the movements.  Keeping your body contained and controlled in a closed-in system.  Pilates Mat work is not done until you are more advanced.


  Pilates is… a journey.

Coreen Ward  is a PMA certified Pilates instructor. At Dance For Joy we are equipped with reformers, spine corectors, balance balls and rollers.  Pilates classes are taught as privates, duos or trios.  Please contact our office to schedule your class today! 

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Office Hours and Registration: July 10th-12th 4-8pm

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July 27th Company Auditions

4-4:45 Level 2/3

4:45-5:30 Level 4/5

5:30-6:30 Level 6 +


Please audition in the level you were placed in for the 2017-18 dance season




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July 27th Company Auditions





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